martes, 17 de mayo de 2016


This is the song we are going to sing for the festival. It is next Monday. We have to wear jeans and girls a white T-shirt and boys a red T-shirt. You can listen to our song in the following video:

miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2016

Unit 5.- Forces

Unit 5.- Forces
Some useful vocabulary

Ancient, appliance, axis, ball, bar, beginning, better, between, bike, brake, brick, circular, clay, complex, contact, copy, danger, easy, effect, effort, electrical, electricity, energy, factory, force, fuel, glass, glasses, goods, gravity, ground, health, heavy, huge, inclined, industry, instrument, invention, iron, juice, kind, knowledge, lever, lid, load, long, machine, magnet, medical, microscope, mobile phone, model, modern, non-contact, nut, object, optical, orange, paint, paper, part, plane, point of support, printing press, pulley, pyramid, ramp, resistance, rigid, roller, rope, satellite dish, scientist, scissors, seesaw, shape, sharply, simple, slope, source, space, spaceship, steam engine, stick, stone, telescope, tweezers, weapon, well, wheel, wheelbarrow
Attract, build, carry, classify, float, help, hunt, invent, kick, let, lift, move, open, pick up, prepare, prevent, pull, push, raise, release, rotate, throw, transport, turn. 
Would you like to be …?; We should never / always …
Present simple; Past simple;

Vocabulary of the unit

Contact force= fuerza de contacto
Non-contact force= fuerza de no contacto
Push force= fuerza de presión
Pull force= fuerza de tracción
Balanced force= fuerza equilibrada
Unbalanced force= fuerza desequilibrada
Magnetism = magnetismo
Magnetic field = campo magnético
Iron filings= limadura de hierro
attract= atraer
repel= repeler
Gravity= gravedad
Weight= peso
Mass= masa
Upthrust= fuerza de flotación
sink= hundirse
float= flotar
Earth = Tierra
Moon = Luna

martes, 23 de febrero de 2016

How to flip a rainbow

How to Flip a Rainbow
White Paper
Markers (We love sharpies)
Tall glass or vase
Other items to test
Measuring Tape or Rulers
Set up takes about 2 minutes. Draw a rainbow in a paper.
Then move the glass in front of the rainbow from one side to the other.
Did you see that? Boom… it flipped. The red is on the right and the purple is on the left. SO COOL, right? Did your kids say WOAH… do it again? Good!
It really is that simple. This is a basic demonstration of light refraction (bending of the light) and reflection. 

lunes, 1 de febrero de 2016

Natural Science. Unit 4.- Matter

We are going to practice in class:(next week)
Conservation of volume of liquids with change of shape
Using a given volume of water let the children pour it into a
variety of different shaped containers and draw and observe the
change of shape. Ask them to predict each time how far up the
container they think it will go. Repeat the task with different
volumes, as this gives children practice at measuring volume.

Click to watch the video:
The properties of materials (animation)